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Fans of the famous smartphone game franchise, Talking Friends from Outfit7 will have their chances for the first time to join Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, and their friends in their first ever run & dash adventure. Find out more about this amazing game from Outfit7 Limited with our reviews.


The game begins as Tali kendali and his friends find themselves involved in the evil scheme of the rascal raccoons who’re trying to take down the world. And they’ve already made their moves by kidnapping some of your friends. Start your journey with our hero, Tom and take on your first missions to rescue your friends. With each friend rescued, you’ll have one more pelaku utama on your side, which would help you a lot in your journey. Join Tali kendali and his friends in their epic adventure into the world of

Talking Tom Hero Dash
. Enjoy the Talking Tom gameplay as you’ve never played it before.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash


Here are some of the best features that the game has to offer:

Play as your favorite characters from the series

In Talking Tome Hero Dash, players will have their chances to play as different characters in the Taking Friends series. Choose your favorite heroes and take down the evil raccoons with them:

  • Tali kendali
    – You’ll menginjak the game as our main hero Tom. Dress up as a superhero and tiba punching your way to the enemies’ boss. Being the titular character of the series, we’re sure that many of you are fans of this little guy.
  • Angela
    – She is Tali kendali’s girlfriend, and, also his trouble. With an impulsive character, Angela often lets the enemies take advantages of her. Still, she’s a sweet and caring girlfriend to our little Tali kekang.
  • Ginger
    – Little Ginger is a small orange kitten with all the notorious traits of a child. He’s playful and loves to prank others. He also hates staying close to Tom and Angela when they get all romantic. Yuck! What a child.
  • Hank
    – Being a close friend and roommate of Tali kendali the Talking Pencelup, Hank is a playful little dog with a simple mind. However, he has his undiscovered potentials, in which he has shown during the Hank the millionaire spinoff.

In additions, you’ll only play as many other famous characters in the series. By progress further into the game and rescue more of your friends, you can have better support when reaching those final levels. Be the heroes that you’ve always been.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash

Save your friends from the evil raccoons’ gang

In Talking Tali kendali Aditokoh Dash, the evil raccoons have once again plotted against the group of friends as they try to kidnap their friends and sabotages the cities. It’s your job to take on the exciting missions and defeat the rascal raccoons. In addition, as you complete your missions and quests, you can also rescue your friends who’ve fallen into the hands of the enemies. Free them from the evil rascals as well as unlocking new characters for your squad.

Play the game through many different stages

The game introduces gamers to a massive map featuring various stages that take place in many different locations all adv lewat the world. Fight the evil raccoons and rescue your friends while running on skyscrapers, crossing the crowded China towns, passing through the beautiful tropical beaches, and many other locations.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash

Innovated run and dash gameplay

Instead of just running forward, Talking Tom Aditokoh Dash introduces a rather new and innovated gameplay. Now, players will have a target to chase after. And as you run and dash the obstacles, you can also kick raccoon’s butts to get rid of those who stand in your way. Apart from collecting golds, hitting raccoons is also a great way to get some money. In addition, as you’ll be the heroes in this game, your characters will have superpowers that allow them to do incredible things. And in this case, with your heroes, you can easily charge through certain obstacles as long as you have enough powers. Still, keep in mind that you’ll lose your energy if you charge through too many obstacles. So make sure you only do it when you have no choices. Otherwise, make sure you store enough energy for difficult scenes.

Perform varied stuns

As you experience the exciting run and dash gameplay, you’ll find the maps in Talking Tom Hero Dash extremely interesting. Here, you can jump between rooftops, chasing your enemies down a slope, running on a cruiser, swinging on a crane, and so on. And more interestingly, each map will have its own unique elements, allowing gamers to experience all the features.

Cinematic takedown scene

On top of that, as you chase down the enemies, you’ll have your chances to enjoy exciting cinematic takedown scenes, in which you’ll beat down the enemies whom you’re chasing. Try to get close to them as possible to trigger this scene. It would reduce your opponent’s health drastically if you do it right. Sesak, it’s also fun watching those rascal raccoons being kickass by our heroes.

Rebuild the torn-out world

As the raccoons cruise through a city, they’ll live behind piles of rubbles. It’s your job to drive them completely out of the cities, clean things up, and help the locals to rebuild their homes. Keep in mind that you’ll have to repair certain locations to progress to the next levels in Talking Tali kendali Tokoh utama Dash. Defeat the 5 bosses across the whole map and bring back the peaceful life to the people.

Check out special events for rewarding prizes

In Talking Tali kendali Pelaku utama Dash, gamers are also introduced to special events, in which they’ll have great chances to earn valuable prizes. Make sure you pick the right time to batang kayu in the game and experience these awesome events.

Unlock epic outfits for your favorite characters

To make your characters even more badass, you can spend some of your cash to get them unique costumes. Although they won’t give you any superpowers, just wearing them can scare your enemies. Plus, it also makes your favorite heroes look cool and stand out from the others.

Free to play

Talking Tom Hero Dash is currently free to play on Google Play Store. You can easily download and install it on your devices to start enjoying the game. Hesitate no further as the world need your help.

Visual and sound quality


The game comes with friendly graphics and arts, which make the game perfect for playing with friends and family members. In additions, you can also enjoy the game everywhere without experiencing awkward situations in the public. Also, the undemanding graphics make Talking Tali kendali Hero Dash a perfect game to enjoy on almost any mobile devices.


Throughout your journey, you’ll be enjoying funky and exciting sound effects which make the game even more addictive. Always be readied for actions in Talking Tom Tokoh utama Dash.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod latest Android APK

With all the exciting features, it’s hard to overlook this game, especially when you’re a fan of the famous franchise. Enjoy yet another hilarious adventure of Tali kendali and his friends in Talking Tom Hero Dash.

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