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All roads in Venice seem to lead to this often-photographed bridge, one of only four that cross the Grand Canal.

“Iconic” doesn’cakrawala quite do it justice—the Rialto Bridge is one of the most photographed pieces of architecture in the world. And since it’s one of the few places you can cross the Grand Canal without getting your feet wet, chances are you’ll walk along it more than once during your stay in Venice. The 16th-century bridge is still supported by about 12,000 wood pilings, and contains three passageways, as well as small shops, most of them hawking touristy wares. It’s tough to linger amid the thick crowds, but try to take a few moments to admire the graceful design and details.

Time Out komisi:
When the crowds get too thick, pop into one of the Rialto Market’s many
bacari, tiny little wine bars for a plate or two of
(think tapas) and a glass of prosecco. Cantina Do Moro is a favorite.


Rialto Fish Market: For the daily spectacle of more types of fish and crustaceans than you realized swam in the sea (closed Sunday)
San Giacomo di Rialto Church: For checking the time on your watch against the massive 15th-century clock on the church facade.
SuSo Gelatoteca: For artisanal gelato made with fresh, seasonal ingredients